J Balvin is back With New track ‘Verde’ during the quarantine. On Saturday, the Colombian artist released the latest visual for “Verde,” which is off of his fifth solo studio album, Colores

WATCH J Balvin and Sky – Verde Official Music Video

The Spanish word “Verde, English meaning is “Green,” so which is they use Green on the music video theme color.

In the music video shows, Balvin is shrinking and dancing with a leprechaun as Sky is hanging out with friends at a backyard party.

Balvin’s sixth music video, including colores album directed by Colin Tilley, following “Blanco,” “Morado,” “Rojo,” “Amarillo,” and “Gris.”

Download & Listen J Balvin and Sky – Verde MP3

J Balvin is one of the most strong reggaeton artists of this industry, garnering a Top 1 track on the Billboard Hot 100 chart alongside Cardi B and Bad Bunny with “I Like It” and snagging another top 10 hits with “Mi Gente” with Willy William and Beyonce.

Verde – J Balvin and Sky LYRICS – Best Quote

Hay party en la terraza, ey

No va haber nadie en mi casa

Tomamo’ en la misma taza

Contigo me convierto en perro ‘e raza, wuh (Grr)

Por más que le traten no les da (Ey, wuh)


There’s a party on the terrace, ayy

There isn’t going to be anybody at my house

We drink out of the same cup

With you I become a dog in the race, wuh (Grr)

The more that they treat her, she doesn’t give any more

Verde – J Balvin and Sky

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