As one of the biggest stars, five grammy awards winner in the world, and it turns out that one of the men trying to win her heart is Lil Pump.

On Monday, Eilish takes to her Instagram Live to perform snippets of the American Beauty score on the piano. The 19-year-old rapper Lil Pump ended up taking it as an opportunity to spam the show with thirsty comments.

Pump said, “Lemme take u on a date” and “You’re the love of my life.” However, the comment that appeared to finally catch Billie’s attention was one that read, “Plz lemme wife you.”

And Eilish response is? With unmanageable laughter. And while Eilish at first tried to keep it cool by saying, “I can’t even tell you what I’m laughing at,” it eventually got to the point where she had to unceremoniously shut him down with a final, “No thanks.”

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