Justin Timberlake announces that a new album is on the way.

While appearing on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon last week, Justin Timberlake announces a new album update.

When The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon asked about new music from the 40-year-old pop star, he answered: “Yeah, we can say that. There’s a possibility. Let’s go with yes.

“I’ve been in and out of the studio working on stuff. I played you a few tunes.”

The ‘ Man of the Woods’ hitmaker insisted that he’s taking his time to make new music, there’s no rush. He continued: “I sat on ‘Mirrors’ for like, four or five years. I think I just take my time, maybe that’s my barometer — if I still love them as much when time goes by, hopefully people will after they hear them, when time goes by.”

When talking about Justin Timberlake albums, he last released an album ‘Man Of The Woods’ in 2018. Since this will be his first album after a quite while.

Inauguration Performance

However Justin Timberlake has been working on another track ‘Better Days,’ which he even performed on Joe Biden’s inauguration day.

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He explained: “We had written a song, ‘Better Days’, and we were doing these writing sessions and we started writing this song. Ironically, I recorded my final vocal for the song on election day just because I was so nervous about what was going to happen. I had to distract myself.

““I don’t know if somebody who was on my side communicated to them or… I’m just gonna with I’m pretty sure Joe and Kamala [Harris, Vice-President] just wanted us to do it. We just heard there as an opportunity to perform at the inauguration and we were super stoked to do it.”

Earlier on January 28, Justin Timberlake teased a Twitter post about his appearance on The Tonight Show.

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