Kanye West features DaBaby and 2 Chainz for a remix version of ‘Nah Nah Nah’ song.

‘Nah Nah Nah’ original was released on  Oct. 16, which reveals his political agenda and his issues with his record label. After a few days, he tweeted on the verse that belongs to DaBaby, “DABABY TURNED THIS VERSE AROUND SO QUICK ITS INSPIRATIONAL TO SEE HOW FAST WE CAN MOVE AS A PEOPLE. I HAD TO GIVE YALL AT LEAST A SNIPPET.”


DaBaby has already promised his support for Kanye West, confirms to vote for West in the presidential election. He tweeted: “Ima let y’all finish…. But you got me f—ed up you think I ain’t voting for Ye”.

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Listen to Kanye West features DaBaby and 2 Chainz for ‘Nah Nah Nah’ remix on Twitter

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