The Coronavirus and the death of George Floyd have made a huge impact on the album of Killer Mike. He planned to promote “RTJ4,” the new album from Run the Jewels in this week. But the current situation across the country has changed his music life.

The music industry also stands up with the ‘Blackout Tuesday’ movement. So Killer Mike’s album promotions have postponed until after June 5. However, El-P silently dropped the album’s song on Instagram on Sunday.

Killer Mikes Discussion with Stephen Colbert On CBS

Here he talks about the protests and the country’s latest political state. This happens on Monday with Stephen on CBS’s “Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” Also, Mike shared that his intentions hadn’t to appear with the Mayor on Friday night. Killer Mike said, “T.I. and I bought a 50-year old black-owned restaurant in the neighbourhood we grew up in, Bankhead Seafood, we rolled it out with a food truck.” Later “[T.I.] got a call from the mayor’s assistant, saying that the staged protest, which we support, was turning into a riotous atmosphere, and she wanted him to say something to help quell any oncoming violence that she didn’t want to see happen,” he said. Both the men attended to the press conference, but mikes speech got the attention of people. He spoke from his heart.

Mike also noted about urban American centres including Chicago, Detroit, and Los Angeles. Mike shared that they haven’t recovered from racial inequity in the 1960s. He also notes about Atlanta, how they developed with leaderships and businesses by black people.

In the second half of the show, he talked about ‘RTJ4.’ He said all of the albums are free to download. Because most of the people can’t buy them.

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