Apple Inc., Spotify Technology Inc., and YouTube united together to support Blackout Tuesday. Blackout Tuesday is a protest against racism. This happens due to the recent incident in Minneapolis where a black person died by a white male police officer. This is a movement by the Music industry.

Apple Music has blocked the browser feature in Apple Music Service. Beats 1 radio of Apple Music has stopped its regular streaming services. Instead, they play some motivational music from black artists. However, the features are not fully finished. Still, the users can access their standard music libraries as usual.

Other Companies which supports Blackout Tuesday

Spotify also created a separate playlist in support of Blackout Tuesday. The name of the playlist is “Black Lives Matter.” The playlist includes songs like Enemy’s “Fight The Power” and “FDT” by California rapper Y.G. These songs are against the current U.S. president ‘Donald Trump.’

Other big companies like Amazon Music and Youtube music also participates in the movement. Youtube a company by google, stopped all their meetings on Tuesday.

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