LadBaby wants to do a collaboration with Mariah Carey.

The ‘I Love Sausage Rolls’ hitmaker did a duet version of the song “Don’t Stop Me Eatin'” with his wife Roxanne recently. He did this duet version after the official music video release.

Watch Don’t Stop Me Eatin’|Duet Version

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But the 33-year-old YouTuber, Blogger doesn’t want to stop from there, he wants to do a collab with Mariah Carey. Talking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, LadBaby shared his idea of doing a collaboration with Mariah Carey.

“We haven’t got any more planned. We don’t want to get to a point where people boycott it,” he told the newspaper. “If Mariah Carey phones me up next year, how can I say no?

“Maybe there’s a collab we could do: ‘All I Want For Christmas Is Sausage Rolls’. Reckon she’d be up for that?”


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