Lizzo dropped her latest single ‘I Love You Bitch’.

Official Audio – I Love You Bitch

The Detroit singer released her fourth studio album Special on July 15, 2022 via Nice Life and Atlantic Records. Alongside the album, Lizzo dropped a very special single titled ‘I Love You Bitch’. It’s special to her because she got inspired by Cardi B to write this amazing piece of work.

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During a conversation with The Zane Lowe Show on Apple Music, she told: “I Love You Bitch’ came from a tweet, and it’s not the same as ‘Truth Hurts,’ so don’t come at me for royalties, Twitter.

“Shortly after ‘Rumors’ with Cardi B dropped, Cardi tweeted that she wanted to hear a love song from me next. And I was like, ‘OK, if Lizzo did a love song, what would it be? ‘I love you, bitch?’.”

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The 34-year singer continued: “It was one of those rare times where I had the title before the song. I got in the studio with Omer Fedi and Blake Slatkin and told them about my idea. Omer started playing the guitar, and I started freestyling to it.

“I’m from Houston, and there’s this Houston rapper named Z-Ro who has a song called ‘I Hate U Bitch.’ Suddenly I was like, ‘Hold up, what if I sang the ‘I Hate U Bitch’ melody but said I love you, bitch instead?’ It just came out, and it might be the greatest thing we’ve ever done.”

Lizzo dropped a total of 12 tracks from the album

Check out the full tracklist below.

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