Harry Styles has made a low budget music video with James Corden.

The former One Direction member who joined The Late Late Show with James Corden shot his latest music video for 300$. It was made as a part of a segment on the show. The process was so funny that Styles and Corden knocked on doors in a New York neighborhood until they found a perfect spot to shoot this low budget music video.

After knocking on some doors, they found an apartment that was a home of a Styles fan. Harry Style and James took over the apartment to shoot this amazing low budget music video which was worth 300$. The fan of Harry Styles helped them with bringing out some costumes and decorations that help to make the music video.

Watch the making of this 300$ music video

The title of this 300$ music video goes as ‘Daylight’. It’s featured on Harry’s third album ‘Harry’s House’.

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