Did Harry Styles got inspired by Billie Eilish? Let us find out from this article. Watch the full interview at the end of the page.

The former One Direction member Harry Styles joined an interview with Zane Lowe for a discussion on his upcoming album ‘Harry’s House’ and talked about himself. At the final moments of the interview, the name Billie Eilish came up. The singer compared his transformation from a band member to a solo artist with Billie’s music career.

How did Harry Styles got inspired by Billie Eilish?

Styles explained: “I definitely had a really big moment, I think, when Billie Eilish kind of first blew up. I think being in the band, I’d always felt like … it was fun and exciting because we were young. And I had a moment, seeing her do this at such a young age, where I felt like, ‘I’m not that young anymore.’

“For a while, it was like, ‘How do you play that game, of like, remaining exciting?’ And I just had a moment where I felt like, ‘OK, we’re not the same thing.’ And in the same vein of, like, ‘You’re not always going to be the kind of young thing,’ I was like, ‘OK, I would really like to think about who I would like to be as a musician.'”

During the chat Styles also shared that he and Billie Eilish ran into each other several times over the last few years, but he had never shared about how an inspiration she is to him. “I’m kind of like, from afar, incredibly thankful to her,” he said, “because I feel like she felt like she represented something to me there.

“It felt like [she] came in in a way that was like, ‘You’re not… Like, don’t worry about being this thing, ever.’ Because, you know, she’s a lot younger than me, and there’s no point in me going, like, ‘OK, how do I get back in? How do I like, get back to like… She just totally broke spell for me, in a way that I’m very grateful for.”

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