Eminem has shared positive feedback regarding the new Kendrick Lamar album ‘Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers’.

The new Kendrick Lamar album is the rapper’s fifth studio album, released on May 13, 2022. Eminem, who listened to the new Kendrick Lamar album, shared his thoughts on Twitter. The legend took Twitter and wrote: “Yo @DrDre this Kendrick album is f****** ridiculous. I’m speechless.”

Listen to ‘Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers’ on Spotify.

In an interview in 2016, Kendrick Lamar shared the influence he got from Eminem. “I got my clarity just studying Eminem when I was a kid. How I got in the studio was all just curiosity. I had a love for the music, but it was curiosity,” Lamar told GQ.

“The day I heard The Marshall Mathers LP, I was just like, How does that work? What is he doing? How is he putting his words together like that? What’s the track under that? An ad-lib? What is that? And then, Why don’t you go in the studio and see? So I do that.

“Then it became, How’s his words cutting through the beat like that? What is he doing that I’m not doing, now that I’m into it? His time is impeccable. When he wants to fall off the beat, it’s impeccable. These are things that, through experience and time, I had to learn.”

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