Manike Mage Hithe is an original song from Sri Lanka. A song by Satheeshan featuring Dulan Arx.

After the first release of the song, another version title ‘Manike Mage Hithe Official Cover’ was released. That version of the song was performed by two upcoming artists from Sri Lanka, Yohani and Satheeshan. Satheeshan who is the original singer of the song joined Yohani for the official cover video too.

The official cover version became a viral hit in India and now it’s trending in other parts of the world. Famous YouTuber Karolina Protsenko who is also a famous violinist did a violin cover of this famous Sri Lankan hit.

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The original song was produced by Chamath Sangeeth and the lyrics are written by Srilankan rapper Dulan Arx. Check out the official cover video from down below.

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