In an Instagram story, the rapper MGK admits that his head is not in the right place at the moment.

On Jan. 18, the ‘Tickets to My Downfall’ hitmaker shared about the reason for not being active on social media. According to him, he’s going through a rough time. In the Instagram story, MGK admits: “I just wanna say to my fans I’ve been in, kind of like, a f–ked up place personally for a couple of months in my head,” he said. “So, I haven’t been that active on socials.”

However there is some good news from the 30 year old rapper. When it comes to Machine Gun Kelly movies, his musical film Downfalls High comes to our mind. It premiered on Facebook  Jan. 15, 2020. “I just got a call from the label about Downfall Highs. The premiere weekend, we got 12 million views on Facebook, dude,” Machine Gun Kelly, the father of a 12 year daughter said.

Machine Gun Kelly, the boyfriend of movie star Megan Fox did not specify whether what type of issues he’s currently facing. On Jan. 17 he Tweeted: “anxiety’s eating me alive.”

No matter what problems he faces, Megan Fox always supports the rapper when he needed it. Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox recently traveled to Las Vegas, to celebrate the birth of MGK’s closest friend.

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