What a comeback by the Blackpink, released their most anticipated music video ‘Pink Venom’ on YouTube.

Last month the girl group dropped a track collaborating with PUBG Mobile, and now a few hours ago they mark their official comeback with ‘Pink Venom’. This single is so special because it’s their first official music release in 2 years.

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The new track ‘Pink Venom’ will touch the hearts of many listeners as they have used traditional Korean instrumental sounds. When it comes to YG Entertainment, this is the company’s highest-budget music video up to now.

Meanwhile, Blackpink has joined with YouTube to start a new challenge which will be called #PinkVenomChallenge. YouTube users can participate in this challenge by making creative dance moves that are used in the ‘Pink Venom’ music video. What they have to do is record and share their own dance moves using the hashtag #PinkVenomChallenge in the caption. The challenge will run until the day before Blackpink’s Born Pink album release. Set to be dropped on September 16.

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