Swizz Beatz has shared an emotional tribute to his loving friend DMX, who died recently at age 50.

On April 9, the rapper DMX died after being hospitalized due to a heart attack. He was taking medical treatment since April 3 and the reports say he overdosed.

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Swizz Beatz is an American producer who did number of tracks to his friend DMX. He has shared a 8 minute tribute clip for DMX on Instagram. The producer captioned: “Long live the KING!!!! DMX

“Words of truth & Pain” alongside the lengthy video.

In the video, the producer who produced the track ‘Ruff Ryders Anthem’ for the rapper DMX said: “Since the day that I met him, he lived his life for everyone else

“You ain’t ever seen him next to a Lamborghini… You ain’t ever seen him iced out with no jewellery, he did not care about any of that. He was the biggest. DMX was the biggest. And let me tell you why he was the biggest. He was the biggest because he prayed for everybody else, more than he did himself.”

Swizz Beatz continued sharing about how kind-hearted his friend DMX is. He continued: “My brother would take care of everybody before he would took care of himself. I’ve never seen a human like him – the closest thing to a prophet… there’s only one DMX.

“That man suffered every day. That man suffered from the day that I known him. He suffered. When y’all heard his first song he was suffering. Know why he was suffering? Because he took everybody’s pain and made it his. His humanitarian work should be celebrated.”

Watch the whole speech by Beatz from the above IG clip.

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