“Curfew” is Massachusetts Rapper Token’s first release in 2020. The theme of the song is Token’s sexual desire for girls and the effect that they are having on his ego.

The new song was first teased on March 11th, 2020, when Token posted a picture on Instagram, teasing new music in March.

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On March 26th, he released “Cough Freestyle” video in which Token is rapping in a room in front of the computer. there is a message” ‘Curfew’ Next week.”

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Curfew – Token Lyrics – Best Quote

My new-my new girl is 18, still lie to her dad to see me (Yeah)

12:30 curfew we’ll be back believe me (Yeah)

You can measure how I’m feeling just by how she treat me

So all I need is the girls who need me 

Curfew – Token

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