The following are the top 5 “Flowers” single covers that we handpicked according to a YouTube search.

Watch Top 5 Flowers single covers

The first choice of the Top 5 covers is a video by the Dublin Ireland busker Allie Sherlock. Allie Sherlock is a busker from Dublin Ireland who currently has 5.7 million subscribers on YouTube. Please go check out her channel from here.

This video was released 3 weeks ago and it has over 500k views up to now.

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As our second choice, we selected a cover by famous YouTuber Madilyn Bailey. Madilyn is a singer who currently has over 9.5 million subscribers on YouTube. A month ago the singer shared a cover of “Flowers” on her channel. It’s an acoustic piano cover of “Flowers”. The video has over 400k views up to now. Please go check out her channel from here.

The third choice is a cover by the famous cover band Boyce Avenue. This is an acoustic cover of “Flowers” which released 8 days ago. Boyce Avenue has over 16.7 subscribers on their channel. The video has over 200k views up to now. Please go check out their channel from here.

The fourth choice of the top 5 covers of the single “Flowers” is a video by Shania Yan. Shania Yan is an Indonesian YouTube who makes music content on her channel. She currently holds over 1.3 million subscribers and her Flowers cover has over 200k views up to now. The video was uploaded 3 weeks ago. Please go check out her channel from here.

Here comes the fifth cover from the top 5 “Flowers” single covers. It’s a cover by the singer Rain Paris. Her version of the “Flowers” cover has over 40k views up to now. She currently holds over 400k subscribers on her channel. Please go check out her channel from here.

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