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Viral TikTok Song: ‘Planet Of The Bass’ by Kyle Gordon

Viral TikTok Song
Viral TikTok Song(Image source: YouTube)

Finally a full video of the viral TikTok song ‘Planet Of The Bass’ is out now on YouTube. Watch the full video from below.

The song ‘Planet Of The Bass’ by Kyle Gordon went viral on TikTok. A 50-second clip was shared on the platform where Gordon roleplays the character DJ Crazy Times. In the video, Gordon features the influencer, Audrey Trullinger.

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As NME reports, Gordon believes the song went viral because of the newly released movie ‘Barbie’.

On a previous occasion, he said: “I might have gotten lucky with the Barbie movie coming out because – and this is like three layers out – it’s like people are talking about Barbie, then they’re talking about ‘Barbie Girl’ [by Europop band Aqua], and then when they’re thinking about ‘Barbie Girl’, they’re also thinking about Eurodance, generally.

“And so this kind of fits into the milieu and that’s obviously not something I planned.”

According to some sources, Gordon is currently working on a full-length album. Fans may get to taste some more music from him.

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