Selena Gomez to launch a new mental health campaign “Your Words Matter”.

The singer wants to share the importance of mental health through this campaign. Selena Gomez who has 317 million followers on Instagram shared a statement on Instagram about this.

“Your words matter,” the 29-year-old singer wrote. “Join @RareBeauty for Mental Health Awareness Month as we share resources and bring awareness to the power of your words all month long on IG and Together we can break the stigma.”

The “Selfish Love” hitmaker brings this campaign through her makeup company Rare Beauty while partnering with Mental Health First Aid.

Many people ignore the fact that the words they speak have a powerful impact on everyone’s mental health. So the singer’s main focus is to share the impact of words when communicating with people.

Other than the statement, Gomez also included a screenshot of a note from her phone.

“Words can be a barrier to people seeking help and increase the stigma associated with mental health. Many of these words have been normalized and accepted for far too long, but it’s time we bring awareness to the words we use… because they matter,” she wrote.

“Even in my own TikTok video, I now realize that my words matter and can have a powerful impact. Just like all of you, I’m learning every day. We may slip up, and that’s okay, what’s important is that we try to do better and give ourselves compassion.”

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