Youtuber ‘Karolina Protsenko’ is a famous violinist who plays cover songs on the streets. She was born on October 3, 2008. Her official Youtube channel Karolina Protsenko Violin has 3.97M subscribers on it.

A few hours ago she posted on social media that her YouTube account is under attack by a Russian scammer. The scammer has provided fake certificates to YouTube under her mother’s name. “The certificate states, that Ella Protsenko is in this video and she didn’t give permission to post it on Youtube,” she said.

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I wanted to clear a few things up regarding my YouTube channel. Two of my videos have been already deleted. And my channel got 2 strikes 😭. If I get the third one – my channel “Karolina Protsenko Violin” (3,96 m) and my other 2 channels will be deleted without the ability to create new ones. Here are the links to the videos that have been already deleted. And this one This is a scam to blackmail my family and extort the money. We got the first strike because a scammer who is from Russia provided fake certificate from RAO (Russian Copyright Society) under my mom’s name Ella Protsenko. The certificate states, that Ella Protsenko is in this video and she didn’t give a permission to post it on Youtube. And she demands that the video would be deleted from Youtube because it violates her copyright rights. YouTube believed this falsified documents and deleted my video of “I will always love you” where I play the violin and my mom signs. We made a call to RAO, and they confirmed that nothing was registered under my mom’s name and no certificate was issued. That proves that he has provided FAKE documentation. We appealed to YouTube, and in the meantime we got a second strike from the same scammer. Apparently in Russia, forging documents is not a problem. And now he is preparing a third strike, demanding money from my family. So in 2-3 business days my channel could be deleted. Of course, we are not going to pay him anything, and I believe that this is a crime, and he should be punished so that others do not get into the habit of doing so. And by going public with my situation I want to prevent it from happening to my friends, other youtubers. For some reason people think that if you have 4 million subscribers on YouTube, you are rich and most likely you have the same amount in your bank account. But the truth is that I play cover versions of popular songs on YouTube, where monetization is super low, and many songs are not monetized at all, because the copyright owners of the songs does not give permission to do it 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 #youtube

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She stated that the Russian scammer is blackmailing her family for money. “And now he is preparing a third strike, demanding money from my family,” she said.

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