Yungblud appreciates Machine Gun Kelly for his hard work in the music industry.

It has been a brilliant year for Machine Gun Kelly since the release of his latest album Tickets to My Downfall. Really made his career successful by topping the Billboard charts for the first time.

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MGK has many collaborators in his career who made his music to another level. One of them is Yungblud who has a featuring with MGK on his new track “acting like that,” from Weird! album. Yungblud has shared his thoughts on MGK’s success and he is really happy to see him.

Talking to Billboard, Yungblud appreciates the success of the ‘Bloody Valentine’ hitmaker. He said: “It’s fucking brilliant! To see my mate, we feel like we’re part of a scene again. Rock ‘n’ roll is coming back very quickly, because it’s a scene. It’s not just one twat with a God complex and a leather jacket eating too much guacamole going ‘I saved rock music.’ Rock ‘n’ roll is about freedom and expression and defiance to conform. And you can only do that in a group. Seeing my best bud and my best mate score a No. 1 album in his country was just magic. I couldn’t be more proud to know him and I couldn’t be more proud to kind of be with him on that journey.”

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