Billie Eilish blames and blasts the lying rappers. Bille Eilish the pop star thinks that all the rappers lie.

The pop star Billie Eilish directly points her finger for many artists who called themselves stars. What’s her point is, most of the stars show a false image of themselves by showing the wealth and rich lifestyles.

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Billie’s super hit ‘Bad Guy’ talks about the people who are lying for the public. Billie Eilish blames many artists and rappers who exist now.

“I feel like pretty much all the rappers right now are lying, about how much money they have and about their house and their clothes,” Billie said.

She further continued, “It’s like, ‘Shut up, you don’t have this. It’s just annoying. And it’s so easy to see through people when they talk about their money. They have nothing else, so that’s all they talk about.”

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