Lately, the world’s most popular K-pop superstars known as BTS has released their newest song ‘ON’ with an amazing cinematic video. The official ‘ON’ MV is the second music video created for their new album “Map of the Soul 7”. The first video was released on Feb. 21, which was a shocking video with great choreography. The latest official MV was released on Feb 28.

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The official ‘ON’ MV has claimed to pass 10 million views on youtube in 65 minutes of time, which was a record to reach 10M in lesser time. The previous record was also held by BTS for the song “Boy with Love.”

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The fans of BTS, which is known as ‘Army,’ have noticed that the official ‘ON’ MV has video footage which is similar to famous movies like “Maze Runner,” “Lion King,” and “Noah’s Ark.” BTS said that the “ON” MV is about themselves. They want to send a message to the world about how much they struggled on the past, how they fought their battles, and keep it on.

ON – BTS Lyrics Quotes

My everythin’, my blood and tears

Got no fears, I’m singin’, ohh

Oh, I’m takin’ over

You should know, yeah

Can’t hold me down ’cause you know I’m a fighter


With this music video, word phrases like “Bring It On” is trending worldwide. BTS member RM said that ” it is going to be harder” when an interviewer asked about the album before it is released. With the official MV, fans have realized what RM said at that moment.

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