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Dax releases his new music video – “XXL FRESHMAN” Freestyle – it’s Juice WRLD Reference?


Canadian Rapper Dax’s new Damien Sandoval shot the video for his “XXL Freshman” freestyle rap has just under 500K youtube views in only over one day. Dax set the bar high for the new decade with another video for the “XXL FRESHMAN Freestyle” track. With a seven minutes-in length track, the rapper shows he’s completely dedicated to his music.

Only seven days after the premiere of his “Dear Santa” clip, Dax dropped another and all that while he is on the wave of his Canadian tour.

This new song is available on Dax’s official Soundcloud profile. Dax has had an exceptionally productive end to the year. Following his highly successful single “Dear God” with “Self Proclaimed 3” which was released on Nov 22. Along with his new release, Dax wrapped up his I’m Coming Home Canadian Tour in Halifax on December 23rd.

DAX XXL FRESHMAN is Juice WRLD Reference?

At the beginning of the song, he says, “Yeah, I knew I had the Juice when the dreams turned lucid.“. Worldwide Dax’s fans think he knows of Juice WRLD and sure that was a Juice reference.

Watch “XXL FRESHMAN” Freestyle Official Music Video