Aquaman movie star Jason Momoa has some interest in playing bass guitars.

Jason Momoa who is a close friend of Metallica‘s current bassist Robert Trujillo wants to learn some bass guitar skills from him.

In an interview with Bass guitar magazine, the movie star has talked about how close he and Robert Trujillo is, and what an amazing family he has. “When’s that guy going to teach me how to play bass? Ha ha! He’s like my spirit animal, I love him,” started the conversation in a funny way. “When I’m with Robert it’s like we both came out of the same cave. We’re the spitting image, and I absolutely adore him and his son and his family, they’re amazing,” the ‘Aquaman’ movie star continued.

Jason Momoa is also a huge fan of the rock band Metallica’s late bassist Cliff Burton, who worked with the band for 4 years.

He added: “Oh, let’s talk about Cliff! The first song I’m dedicated to learning is [Burton’s 1983 solo piece] ‘Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)’.

“That’s the reason why I have my Rickenbackers, because of him. I f****** love Cliff. He was unbelievable. Did you see [Metallica’s new live album] ‘S&M2, with the standup bass playing it?

“Oh my God. I had chicken skin, I was watching it over and over. I thought that was just so beautiful for Cliff.

“I’m all old Metallica, bor. I probably listen to ‘Ride The Lightning’ and ‘Kill ‘Em All’ every week, if not every other day.”

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When talking about Metallica, they have inspired many other artists including ‘Midnight Sky’ hitmaker.

Miley Cyrus who recently teased about her Metallica cover album will collaborate with Elton John and Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith.

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