Shawn Mendes breakup with Camila Cabello news is spreading through the internet.

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Different sources report a split between the couple. However, the fans of Shawn and Camila aren’t buying it. What the sources are saying is, both of the stars stayed the quarantine time together. They stayed in Camila’s house in Miami. However, according to the story, both of them were working on individual albums. So they decided to take a break in their relationship.

In a recent report by In Touch, the pop stars have taken the decision for a breakup. But the fans argued with these stories of the breakup. Fans talked about this in social media.

A fan pointed out a picture uploaded by Camila Cabello. There she wears a sweater of Shawn Mendes. “CAMILA WEARING SHAWN’S CLOTHES THE COLLAPSE OMG I LOVE THEM SO MUCH, ” a fan posted on Twitter.

However, Shawn Mendes breakup with Camila Cabello is not confirmed by the two stars.

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