Eminem is the most viewed rapper on youtube after he releases the newest album ‘music to be murdered by.’ Artists with the most views on YouTube represent mostly and no doubt the pop genre. With a very noticeable exception Eminem.

Eminem ranks sixth with the new ranking. 15.37 billion cumulative views of his official videos on YouTube.

Top 10 Most-Viewed YouTube Channels in the Music Category

1Justin Bieber  20.8 billion
2Ed Sheeran 20.1 billion
3Katy Perry 19.3 billion
4Taylor Swift 18.5 billion
5Shakira 17.5 billion
6Eminem 15.37 billion
7Ozuna 15.36 billion
8Rihanna  15.03 billion
9Maroon 5 14.83 billion
10Ariana Grande  14.71 billion

More than 80 million views were added to Eminem’s ranking in the last two weeks after released “Godzilla” feat. Juice WRLD and recently released his newest album “Music To Be Murdered By.”

Watch Godzilla ft. juice WRLD Official Music Video

Views: 82 Million

Love The Way You Lie is the Eminem’s Most Viewed Youtube Video. it’s streamed 1.9 billion views around the globe.

Watch Eminem – Love The Way You Lie ft. Rihanna Official Music Video

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