Tech giant Elon Musk has released electronic dance music (EDM) track on SoundCloud titled “Don’t Doubt Ur Vibe.”

Mr. Elon posted a teaser image of himself in a studio shortly before sharing the song, which he wrote. the release of the track, Elon Musk decided to change his Twitter handle to E “D” M.

Tech entrepreneur posted the new song on his Soundcloud page on Thursday and told his followers that both the vocals and lyrics were entirely his own creation.

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The accompanying artwork describes what appears to be a Tesla Cybertruck floating past Mars, no doubt giving homage to the Tesla Roadster that achieved this very feat back in late 2018.

The lyrics probably didn’t take him too long to write — the whole song consists of “Don’t doubt your vibe / because it’s true” repeated over and over. Musk says he performed the lyrics, which are modified and distorted to an airy electronic, supernatural-sounding final product.

No word on whether there’s moving to be a full album, but Musk’s timing with this track makes a lot of sense when you consider how things have been going for him lately

It’s unclear who produced the music itself, and whether Musk had guidance from Grimes, his musician girlfriend.

But it’s the second release under Musk’s “Emo G Records” brand. coming ten months later “RIP Harambe,” an AutoTuned rap tribute to the gorilla killed at a Cincinnati Zoo that became an internet meme.

Tell us to know your ideas in the comments section below, and whether or not you think the track is at all decent.

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