In the recent music video “Save Your Tears,” the Weeknd shocked the fans with his new facial appearance.

This is something new from the singer where he usually applies bandages to his face. Even at the AMA’s, he appeared with his fully bandaged looking face.

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However The Weeknd shocked his fans with his new appearance, yes he had his usual red suit on him. Many fans had the question “Is it plastic surgery on his face?” hopefully it’s not. As reported by CNN, it’s all prosthetics for the new music video.

The Canadian singer has taken a huge risk of changing his face appearance, which means he’ll do more changes in the future or will keep this look for a little while.

Not only his face but the ‘Blinding Lights’ hitmaker has also criticized a popular award show. Many think it’s a direct message for the Grammys, which he is not even nominated for a single category.

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