Keri Hilson disses Beyonce has become a regretting decision taken by the 37-year-old American singer.

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This all started from the song ‘Turnin Me On’ by Keri Hilson. In the song, Keri Hilson uses words that trash Beyonce’s image. Beyonce is respectable in the music industry and loved by many fans around the world. This song made the public hate Keri Hilson, ‘public scrutiny.’

However, for the first time, Keri Hilson revealed the truth about the song which Keri Hilson disses Beyonce. She blames her record label. She shared that, as a young artist she had no choice but to follow orders given by the higher rankings.

Recently Keri Hilson joined an interview with  “Fox Soul” on Wednesday night and she talked about the consequences faced by her.

The American singer said, “I really didn’t feel like I had a choice” than to follow the order.

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She also continued: “No one could compare to Beyonce and that was never my aim either, ” the singer said in a stressed manner.

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